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To dominate Google and improve your SEO rankings it is essential to invest in Social media management. After all, your competitors are already doing this. As well as creating a professional image, social media can put your products in front of thousands of people using the internet each and every day. If you are serious about making waves and having an impact - this is what you need to do to consistently begin driving traffic and sales.


Here at LS Media, we stay on the cutting-edge of today’s ever changing world of online marketing and advertising needs. We realise what it takes to stay current and keep up with the newest online advertising trends. Our highly effective social media management services offers you a number of beneficial features, including:

•  Increased Brand Awareness
•  Targeted Social Media Campaigns
•  Increased Customer Base
•  Better ROI and Website traffic
•  Enhanced Online Presence

For your website to be the best it possibly can be, you need the best social media management company in your corner. With over 20 years of combined marketing knowledge at your disposal you can be assured that you will be working with the best.


pricing & statistics

Email campaign list:  45,675
Social media following:  40,767
Website impressions:  30,128 per day


Social Media Marketing price

e-blast, web banner ad and social media campaign:
Price: £297

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