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  • Book Publishing
  • Branding
  • The Successful Living Magazine
  • Event Marketing


Book Publishing
We believe there’s a Book in Everyone



We are specialists in the publishing and the effective marketing of inspirational books.
A self-publishing enterprise dedicated to the success of others, we provide first class publishing services for both new and seasoned authors. We publish books on subjects like business and financial success, self help/personal development, motivation, education, inspirational fiction and the invaluable lessons gained from experiences. By the nature of the title we publish, we consider our authors to be partners in our quest to promote growth, success and the release of potential.


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Personal Websites




Having a personal website as a platform for your particular expertise is a necessity not a choice. LS Media understands that ‘you’ are the brand! That is the overriding objective that fuels the creative time we invest in the design of your site. Not only will your site reflect your brand, but it will also be equipped with all the tools that you need to build and establish your expert empire.


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Event Marketing




With over 20 years experience in marketing events, we boast one of the most effective success event marketing package in the industry. In this package, our experienced designers, web developers, and marketeers provide a seamless and comprehensive package consisting of publicity design, web design, ticketing solutions, and social media marketing.


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Graphic Design



We understand that the overriding objective of our clients is to communicate their message to all or a specified audience with a view of creating a desired response. Our design team will discover the unique aspect of your message and spend creative time and resource to capture, in image form, the best way of communicating that uniqueness. With each assignment our dedicated team of professionals carry out a simple but effective strategy:




Success Tips


Success tips is brought to you courtesy of our non-profit organization, Successful Living International. SLI is dedicated to bridging the gap between poverty and success by unleashing the creative power of our minds.

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  • Time Management Tips
  • A Winning Perspective
  • How to Put Your Mind to Work
  • How to Improve the Quality of Your Life

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